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Shop plus plus, the helping shopping portal

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions on the conduct and operation of Shop plus plus. It is divided into several chapters and is aimed at non-profit partner organizations, as well as members or customers.

How we operate

What is Shop plus plus exactly?

Shop plus plus (briefly: Shop++) is a fundraising platform that supports charities by shopping and travel booking on the Internet.

How does Shop++ work?

Shop ++ can be used through this website or by via a browser extension (toolbar). In both cases, the operation is the same:

  1. Select either anonymously a partner organization, or register once and freely as a supporter of an association or a charity and, therefore, you'll become a member of Shop++
  2. Our users buy from one of our more than three thousand partner shops - often with a discount. For these purchases Shop++ receives from the partner shops payments in varying amounts.
  3. Shop++ continues transfering the payment of partner shops to the selected non-profit partner organization. The exact amount of money to be given to the organization is variable, and it's related in the Shop plus plus shopping guide (i.e. Amazon 3%, OTTO € 2,50 per order, etc.).

Through how many shops can you buy?

In about 3000, the search function is easily accessible. The most common of these 100-200 partner shops can be found additionally in the shopping guide which is arranged by subject.

What are exactly the advantages for Shop++ users?

All users of Shop++ have the following advantages:

  1. You can help your organization or club for free
  2. More than 2000 of our partner shops offer our users thousands coupons, discounts and promotions
  3. In the Shop++ shopping guide only trusted Internet companies are incorporated, ranked and evaluate daccording to their offer (the ranking is constantly improving)

Members of Shop ++ have their own user account as well as the following additional benefits:

Members who have the Shop++ Toolbar installed enjoy another additional advantage: they automatically collect "Thank you Points", which can be redeemed in Amazon shopping vouchers!

How are you sure that there is no additional costs for users?

All shopping transactions are performed directly on the websites of the partner stores. The shopping is done there, in the seller's webpage.  The "detour" via only ensures that the partner shop makes a payment to Shop++, which Shop++ will transfer finally to the non-profit organization the customer has chosen.

How does it work exactly (technically)?

  1. By clicking on the logo of the partner shops in which a member wishes to purchase, a "cookie" is placed on the computer of the member, which tells the shop owner that the buyer has found him This "cookie" is completely safe and harmless: it is just a small text file.
  2. After shopping, the store owner is paid either directly via a shop ++ or  through technical service providers (Affiliate Network) with a  - Important: There are no additional costs for the buyer, the payments are made from the sale or marketing budget of shops.
  3. Shop ++ writes the amount in the shopping list of non-profit partner organizations wich contractually guaranteed as a sponsor. The customers see this amount on their online member account (only exception: purchases at Amazon are just done by the organizations credited and can not be shown in the Member accounts for technical reasons).
  4. With a account balance of € 25, - a partner organization may demand a payment of Shop++ . From a € 100, - account, this is automatically (twice a year) carried out.

About Shop plus plus

What is the goal of Shop ++?

The target of Shop++ is to provide financial resources for a variety of charitable purposes, without resorting to direct donations.

How is Shop++ created?

It all started with a newly founded association, Handshake4life which is committed to the fight against genetic nerve and muscle disease (SMA). The co-founding members and cousins Christian and Klaus Kukovetz looked for a way in which they could earn additional cash donations for this organization. After several months of thinnking, in the beginning of 2010 Shop++ was created!

Is Shop++ socially responsible or focused into earning money?

Both. Shop ++ sees itself as a "social enterprise", since the main purpose of the company is to generate revenue for charitable causes. Shop ++ In the long term, however, hopes to obtain enough income to afford the very high initial investments.

How is Shop++ financed?

Shop ++ derives not all, but only a portion of the payments made by the partner shops to clubs and charity organizations. By remaining at the store ++ part of the ongoing operation is received and invested in advertising and marketing.

Questions from Partner-Organisations

How to be sure that your organization will also receive the agreed payments?

Through complete transparency: members see your assistance in your member accounts, each user can easily check the account state on the charity home pages. Organizations can view, retrieve and check the pay slips clearly in their own Member accounts. The exact terms of payment are set out in the Terms.

How are the payments you received from Shop++ to be charged?

It is legal to sponsor services that are recorded as normal income. Donation receipt therefore doesn't need shown.

Since the payments are made in Germany, no VAT is levied on then, if case your club was subject to VAT.

How did the customers of Shop++ know?

Users of our shopping platform use it firstly because they want to support the work of our partners. The best advertising is the idea itself and the trust that arises where the help really matters. The majority of our users find out about Shop++ on the non-profit organization, or their club. Tips and tricks on this can be found in our toolbox.

How can you ensure that your members also sign up for your organization?

Every sports club and every organization has its own "home page" at Shop ++. When members of an email newsletter, or from your own site go to shop ++, they can log in automatically only for your organization.

Does the belongining to Shop++ cost anything?


What successes has shop ++ so far?

The daily collection status of all non-profit partner organizations of Shop++ is on our website transparent cost. In addition, you can on the Shop++ sides of associations and Charities read the respective help balance in their accounts.

How much can you expect as a partner organization in help?

The success is very much dependent on the commitment of its employees, members and prospects. Direct shopping from Shop plus plus takes much of the Internet market. Thus the potential earnings per active member can be very high, between € 10 - 15th

In the first year, theShop++ payout for most partner organizations had three digits. Caritas in Austria received over EUR 1000, already in the first year - paid.

Questions from Shop++ members

How can I know if my help arrives properly?

By registering for a particular club, Shop++ ensures that all purchases can be assigned to the respective organizations or associations. All members can view the transactions triggered by them in their member accounts and thus check the correct assignment. The only exceptions are purchases at Amazon which will be listed for technical reasons exclusively in the total revenue for each organization or association. Along with a detailed statement of account the purchases of individual charities and clubs you can see will be transferred to the generated Sponsor payments (in quarter-year intervals) by Shop ++.

Why are the Amazon purchases not listed in detail?

The technique and conditions with Amazon do not permit designation on membership base. All payments are, however, recorded for the partner organization and passed to the total sum of the grants.

How is data protection guaranteed?

We take data protection very seriously. All details are summarized to our Privacy Policy.

Does the membership to Shop++ cost anything?


Questions from shops and travel agencies

What is the advantage for you in joining Shop ++?

Shops obtain new customers, and that would be really good to your marketing budgets certainty.